Why use Petnow rather than adopt from a shelter?

Reputable shelters are a great option for some, but they are not for everyone. If finding a purebred or purpose-bred designer puppy or knowing your new family member’s health and behavioral history are important to you, Petnow is likely the better choice for you as that information is not often available to you at a shelter. That being said, we are not anti-shelter in any way but, instead, pro-dog. As dog lovers, what is important to us is that people are able to make educated choices and find their dogs from a responsible, humane source, whether that source is a shelter, a rescue or a breeder. And, while there are many wonderful shelters and rescues out there, unfortunately, that is not always the case. Unlike responsible breeders, rescues and shelters are not typically licensed or regulated by the government and often operate without government oversight.

Also, while adopting from a shelter is a viable alternative for some people, for tens of millions of American dog lovers, adopting a pet from a shelter or rescue is simply not feasible for health reasons (e.g., disabilities, PTSD, allergies). There are also many dog lovers for whom knowing the behavioral and health histories of their puppies is important, whether that’s because they have small children, need a service dog or otherwise want a specific breed with specific characteristics. There are countless other reasons a family may have decided a purebred or designer breed is the best fit for their family and, without documentation about a dog and its family history, it can be impossible to tell whether you are getting what you think you are.

Finally, among the many myths out there about shelter adoption is the one about overpopulation of dogs in shelters in the United States. The simple fact is that even if every single adoptable shelter dog were adopted, those dogs would not come close to satisfying the country’s annual demand for companion dogs. In fact, scientific data by Mississippi State University and the Pet Leadership Council show not only a significant gap, but a growing one between the supply of and demand for puppies. In fact, with all of the work we do on the front-end to ensure the health of our puppies and screen our customers, as well as unique programs like our internal re homing program, we believe we are making a real impact upon limiting the number of dogs surrendered at shelters.